LI AUTO X DAILY LAB co-branded car fragrance

Li Auto Inc. is a pioneer in the successful commercialization of extended-range electric vehicles and the brand of choice for comfortable family vehicles. Its concept of "The vehicle becomes our 3rd living space" coincides with DAILY LAB's philosophy.

DAILY LAB Aroma Stick car fragrance has been selected as the customer gift in Li Auto stores since 2022. We are proud to provide a unique in-car fragrant experience for a large number of Li Auto owners and families. 

About Li Auto

Li Auto Inc. is a leader in China’s new energy vehicle market. Established in July 2015, Li Auto designs, develops, manufactures, and sells premium smart electric vehicles. Its mission is: Create a Mobile Home, Create Happiness. Through innovations in product, technology, and business model, the Company provides families with safe, convenient, and comfortable products and services.

The founder Li Xiang also founded Autohome Inc., (NYSE: ATHM), and served as its president from 1999 to June 2015. Li Auto Inc. debuted on the Nasdaq in July 2020 (NASDAQ GS: LI).

About Daily Lab

DAILY LAB is a designer car fragrance brand created with a concept in mind: to provide car owners with premium scents and aesthetic visual experience.

Driven by a passion for creating a modern in-car experience, DAILY LAB is brought to life by a creative designer team that has won 19 global industrial design awards and owns 47 technology patents. In the last 4 years, the company has expanded into 15 countries, bringing ultra-unique accessories to car owners around the world.

As a lifestyle pioneer that proposed the concept of "jewellery-grade automotive accessories" and "in-car second living space", DAILY LAB became the first solution provider of "high-end custom fragrance" for EV brands. By selecting luxury grade natural ingredients and partnering with world class supply chains, DAILY LAB blends premium materials with modern aesthetics to present an ultimate experience that is human-safe and emotional healing.

Let's drive in style.