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Star Glow For Model 3 Highland

New aromas that your new model 3 deserves

Car Visor Fragrance Set

Clip in style, scent every mile

Star Glow For Model 3/Y

Aesthetic aroma that fits natively to your Tesla

Aroma Planet For Generic Cars

Your best value pick of elegant'n chic design

Aroma Stick For Generic Cars

The tinest, finest car fragrance

Aroma 360 For Generic Cars

Forever classic, award-winning car fragrance

Smell good. Feel good.

Sourced from the renowned 250-year-old Swiss perfume company Givaudan, DAILY LAB fragrances are IFRA (international fragrance association) & MSDS material safety certified, and have passed 26 perfume allergen tests.

DAILY LAB believes that nature is the most elegant engineer. We use plant-based ingredients that are eco friendly to enhance well being, naturally. We select high-quality, sustainable, and traceable fragrance raw materials, to provide safe products for humans, pets and our natural environment.

Breathe nature. Safely.

Meet DAILY LAB natural perfumery grade scents. Enjoy your car fragrances free of harmful chemicals or additives.

Our Values

Be natural

DAILY LAB focuses on nature. Our mission in nature's soul is to bring inner balance to your journey with its gifts, the sustainable way.

Be honest

Inspired by the Eastern philosophy of "beauty in use", DAILY LAB creates timeless designs that add to their beauty as they get used in 10 years' time.

Be brave

DAILY LAB focuses on artistic connotation and the avant-grade spirit, meanwhile cares more about whether products can bring quiet fashion to users.

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