Be natural.
Enjoy breathing.

Environmental commitment

Material Safety
International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Certified | Material Safety Certified (MSDS) | 26-Allergens Test Passed
High Quality
Highest quality ingredients in the world. DAILY LAB fragrance essential oils are sourced from the world's top two suppliers.
Fragrances with less environmental impact. Future of the US industry, and cost effectiveness.
Using patented emotional regulation technology to enhance moods and provide emotional healing.
Full traceability from the source to the factory.
Breeding Program
Natural development of new & unique species, after more than 4 years of development for each variety.
Anti-bacterial and odor control


Including (but not limited to) patented natural bioactive compounds: Patchouli, & Clove, DAILY LAB fragrances prevent bad odor by inhibiting bacterial growth.
Positive energy regulation


DAILY LAB fragrance formulas are perfected using patented implicit testing methods. Verified by huge amounts of customer data in more than 50 countries, DAILY LAB fragrance has a positive impact on human emotions, providing mood healing in the post-epidemic era.
Odor elimination


DAILY LAY fragrances trap and eliminate foul smells at a molecular level, with the physical reaction between the odor-elimination factor and the odor molecules, to better neutralize the smell of mold, oil smoke, sweat, and pets.
As a leading expert in the industry of automotive fragrance, DAILY LAB has designed the unique "1+X" structure of a car fragrance set. Choose a fragrance diffuser that suits your car and taste, and then you are free to try 4-8 different fragrances of your choice.


DAILY LAB has created a library of scents for the automotive/home environment and for the
personal/home user, with a wide range of scents to choose from (being continuously updated).

Fruity & Floral Collection

Woody & Earthy Collection