DAILY LAB pop-up store to create a scented forest at Yanlord Dream Center

On Christmas Day 2022, DAILY LAB started its 90-day pop up store at Yanlord Mall. This time, DAILY LAB created a scented forest in the mall with the concept of "leave the concrete city and enter a healing scented forest".

In addition to all series of car fragrances, DAILY LAB also presented three series of scented candles, the latest wax lamps and flameless aroma. In total, 17 iconic scents can be experienced in the pop up store.

It's worth mentioning that the Sansheng incense holder, which most represents DAILY LAB's oriental design concept, was also on the shelf in the pop-up store. It attracted many customers who love Chinese and Japanese culture.


About Yanlord Dream Center

Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center is the first project of Singapore Yanlord Land in Shenzhen. Positioned as a trendy dream power center in the east, the project takes "boundless creativity" as the main design theme and brings Singapore's garden city experience. It is a multi-format urban community project with the ability to shape the future of this burgeoning district for Shenzhen.

The 300,000 sqm mixed-use scheme features a 90,000 sqm retail mall, two office towers and two serviced apartment towers. It establishes a new green community; a mixed-use destination that integrates people and space, business and city, life and nature. Shenzhen Yanlord Dream Center aims to transform traditional retail into an unbounded experience that promotes transparency, connectivity and ecology.

About Daily Lab

DAILY LAB is a designer car fragrance brand created with a concept in mind: to provide car owners with premium scents and aesthetic visual experience.

Driven by a passion for creating a modern in-car experience, DAILY LAB is brought to life by a creative designer team that has won 19 global industrial design awards and owns 47 technology patents. In the last 4 years, the company has expanded into 15 countries, bringing ultra-unique accessories to car owners around the world.

As a lifestyle pioneer that proposed the concept of "jewellery-grade automotive accessories" and "in-car second living space", DAILY LAB became the first solution provider of "high-end custom fragrance" for EV brands. By selecting luxury grade natural ingredients and partnering with world class supply chains, DAILY LAB blends premium materials with modern aesthetics to present an ultimate experience that is human-safe and emotional healing.

Let's drive in style.