Review: Daily Lab’s Awesome Tesla Air Freshener Adapter [2023]

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Despite having a great filtration system, as I found when I replaced my air filters, Tesla’s can get pretty funky smelling, pretty quickly. To help combat this I decided to try out Daily Lab’s Tesla air freshener adapters. Are they the best car freshener for Tesla? Let’s find out.

What Are Daily Lab’s Tesla Air Fresheners?

Daily Lab’s Tesla air fresheners are specially designed air freshener adapters for Tesla vehicles. These diffusers are created to fit seamlessly into Tesla’s ventilation system, allowing drivers to enjoy a pleasant and refreshing fragrance while on the go.

These Tesla air fresheners come in two styles, a slim stick diffuser and a puck-style one. Both are crafted with premium materials and you can get a variety of refillable diffuser scents to suit different preferences. All of this makes for a refreshing experience, both in style and scent.

Aroma Stick Car Diffuser


The Daily Lab Aroma Stick is a Tesla air freshener that is designed to sit discreetly in the slot between the wood dash and air vent on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. This allows for air from the car’s vents to push through the diffuser and disperse the scent. It comes in two colour options; Black or Gold.

Star Glow Car Diffuser

The Daily Lab Star Glow diffuser is a Tesla air freshener adapter that clips in above the dash. It is larger than the Aroma Stick diffuser and uses a replaceable puck vs. a stick for its scent.

These come in three colour options; Space Grey, Pearl White, and Star Glow which has an interesting rainbow effect.

Daily Lab Tesla Air Freshener Scents

What really sets the Daily Lab products apart from similar air fresheners is the effort behind the scents they produce.

Daily Lab is dedicated to uncovering the therapeutic benefits of scents in urban living. Through collaborations with renowned fragrance companies like Givaudan and Firmenich, with centuries of experience, they curate premium, eco-friendly scents using high-quality, sustainable, and traceable raw materials. The result is a range of safe, hypoallergenic products that promote the well-being of humans, pets, and the environment.

A Variety of Scents

I got a sampler of all of their available fragrances and have ranked them below. This, of course, is subjective and recommend you request a sampler as well so you can pick your favourite.


  1. Petitgrain & Cedar
  2. Grapefruit – Crisp and fresh

Runner Ups

  1. Amber and Pink Peppercorn
  2. Shenzhen 1979


  1. Citrus and Tea
  2. Asphalt & Vetiver
  3. White Peach Oolong Tea – I found this one particularly overpowering
  4. Sandalwood

What’s Included in the Box

The packaging for both the Arouma Sticks and the Star Glow diffusers is very nice and on-brand with the products themselves.

The Aroma Stick includes two diffusers, four sticks of Grapefruit refillable scent, rubber feet, and two lanyards to hang the diffusers should you choose.

The Star Glow Tesla air freshener adapter comes with one diffuser and two scent pucks in your choice of Citrus & Tea, White Peach Oolong, Amber & Pink Peppercorn, or Schenzen 1979.

Daily Lab Air Freshener Installation

To install the Aroma Stick Daily Lab air freshener, first, remove the capsule lid and insert the scent stick. Next, either attach the rubber feet for vent placement or attach the lanyard to hang from your rearview mirror.

For the Star Glow Tesla air freshener adapter, remove the magnetic faceplate and insert one of the scent pucks. You can then place the diffuser anywhere along the dash. If you want to conceal this Tesla air freshener, you can slide it behind the centre display.

I found the Space Grey colour blended in the best but, again, this is subjective.

Where to Buy Daily Lab’s Tesla Air Freshener Adapters

You can purchase Daily Lab’s Tesla air freshener here:
Star Glow air freshener
Aroma Stick air freshener


My Daily Lab Air Freshener Review So Far

So, is the Daily Lab diffuser the best car freshener for Tesla? For the most part, yes.

The Good

Undoubtedly, the Daily Lab diffusers add a great scent to your ride. I installed mine just before my three-month road trip which turned out to be great timing. I camped and slept in the car so it was nice to have a scent to help cut the campfire and sweat on those hot days.

They are well-built and will last a very long time and it is good to know they offer high-quality and sustainable fragrances.

The Not so Good

At $87.90 for the Star Glow diffuser and $95.90 for the Aroma Sticks, the cost is definitely up there. That said, they are built well and there is peace of mind that you are getting quality fragrances.

Also, I originally gravitated to Daily Lab’s Aroma Stick Tesla air freshener for its discrete look (I like Telsa’s minimalistic approach and like to stay true to that when possible) but found it would not stay in place on the dash.

Now, I do have a HillsMade wood trim cover which has come loose and pushed the Aroma Stick out of place. I suspect this isn’t an issue if you don’t have a cover installed but something to consider if deciding between the two styles.

Since then, I have switched to Daily Lab’s Star Glow Car Diffuser and actually like the look it adds to the dash. I get a lot of questions and compliments on it so it really is functional and stylish.

Are These Tesla Air Fresheners Worth it?


Although these Tesla air fresheners are pricey, they are well-built and will last a very long time. Thanks to the variety of scents, they will also help keep the car fresh and smelling new in a variety of ways.

So with that in mind, I think they are one of the best car fresheners for Tesla vehicles and are worth the price tag. I have since added them to my favourite Tesla accessories list alongside some other great products.

Daily Lab Air Freshener FAQs

How long do car air fresheners last?

Daily Lab’s air fresheners’ fragrance life is about 60 days. It is important to note that this may vary depending on factors such as the product’s style, the intensity of the scent, and the environment in which it is used. Generally, air fresheners can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

What are air fresheners used for?

Air fresheners are used to enhance indoor spaces by releasing pleasant fragrances that mask or eliminate unwanted odours, creating a more inviting environment. They are effective in neutralizing unpleasant smells from cooking, pets, smoke, and other sources. Additionally, air fresheners contribute to a positive ambience, improving moods and reducing stress. They offer a personalized touch, allowing individuals to select scents that suit their preferences. In some cases, air fresheners may also help improve indoor air quality by neutralizing airborne particles or bacteria. It’s essential to choose safe and suitable air fresheners for specific environments, and various types, such as sprays, gels, plug-ins, and diffusers, cater to diverse needs and preferences.